Highlands County Boat Ramps

Water Body Condition Location Address
Lake Adelaide  Good            SW Side     West Shore Rd.
Lake Apthorpe     Good            S Side End of Cemetery Rd.
Arbuckle Creek (Burn out Bridge) Good   East Arbuckle Rd.

Arbuckle Creek Rd.

Good   Arbuckel Creek Rd.
Little Lake Bonnet      Not Useable NE Side    Little Lake Bonnet Dr.
Lake Carrie Poor      E Side  Off Flamingo Dr. (shell)
Lake Childs I (Lake Placid)     New   NW Side  Harris Dr.
Lake Childs II (Lake Placid)     Fair     NE Side Off Placid View Dr.
Lake Clay I East      Good      E Side        Lake Clay Drive East on   Lake Clay
Lake Clay II, West  Good     NW Side 

West Lake Clay Drive on

Lake Damon     Not Useable W Side  Off Lake Damon Dr.
Deer Lake  Poor    W Side   Deer Lake Rd.
Lake Denton       Fair     N Side   Lake Denton Rd.
Dinner Lake Fair   N Side   Boat Ramp Rd. off Arbuckle Creek Rd.
Lake Francis   Poor   E Side   Cloverleaf Rd.
Lake Glenada    Good      W Side  U.S. 27 across from Robinette Rd or Armory
Lake Huntley Good   SE Side   Lake Huntley Dr.
Lake Huntley          Anderson St.
Lake Isabelle Good    W Side   Oak Island Rd.
Lake Istokpoga Pk New  N Side    Istokpoga Park Rd.
Lake Istokpoga (Boggy Branch) Good           W Side  Highlands Lake Dr. to  Rutledge Ave.
Lake Istokpoga (Cow House Rd.) Poor    NE Side Lake Boulevard
Istokpoga (Windy Point) Fair  S Side Boat Ramp Rd.
Lake Josephine I Good  E Side  Off Lake Josephine To Shores Rd.
Lake Josephine II     Good S Side     Corner of Lake Josephine Dr. &Sentinel
Lake Josephine III  Good     SE Side Oak Beach Boulevard
Lake June-H.L. Fair   N Side  10 Clubhouse Rd. Bishop Park Ramp
Lake Letta       Not Useable   NE Side      Boat Ramp Rd.
Lake Lelia (gator)     Not Useable   NW Side 

Martin Rd. on Lake Lelia

Lake Lotela  Poor S Side  Lake Lotela Dr. on Lake Lotela
Lake Olivia       Fair       E Side  

Nautillus Dr. on Lake Olivia

Nine Mile Grade Campground    E Side Boat Ramp Rd. 
Lake Persimmon      Good     N Side  Off Hillside Dr.
Lake Pioneer     New     N Side   

Boat Ramp Rd off Shockley Rd.

Lake Little Redwater Good            NW Side  Off Holiday Beach Dr
Red Beach Lake       Good N Side Off Hwy 17 corner Red Beach Lane
Lake Sebring      Fair               W Side   Memorial Dr. on Lake Sebring
Lake Viola      Shell ramp NW Side    East Viola Rd.
Wolf Lake        Good           W Side Lakeside Dr.West  (Orange Blossom Estates)